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Modbap Modular

Modbap Modular Osiris

Modbap Modular Osiris

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A clever take on wavetable sounds courtesy of Modbap. 96 kHz processing is supplemented by a lo-fi mode for character. Neat customisable options include user wavetables via an optional microSD card. 

Osiris is a powerful and neatly packed 12hp bi-fidelity wavetable oscillator with 7+ timbre modes including FM and phase modulation, an independent sub-oscillator, Lo-Fi processing, extensive CV modulation capabilities, a pitch quantizer, 4 banks of 32 wavetables each, the ability to load user wavetables via micro SD card (not included) and it's own free open-source wavetable editor (OsirisEdit).

12 HP
28 mm deep

Current Draw:
50 mA +12V
50 mA -12V
0 mA 5V
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