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New Systems Instruments

New Systems Instruments LFO Phase Expander

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Unlock the potential of the Quad LFO with the LFO Phase Expander. Each expander gives you three outputs that duplicate the LFO with a fixed phase difference. The first ranges from 0° to 180°, the second from 90° to 270°, and the last from 180° to 360°. Along with the original output, this gives you four phases of modulation. These are easily tunable to quadrature (all knobs centered), but also any arbitrary phase relationship. You can attach up to four expanders, one for each LFO, giving you up to sixteen modulation sources.

A multiphase LFO is extremely useful for building rhythmic modulations, particularly when paired with analog logic, such as provided by Babel. Further, regardless of the waveform selected on the Quad LFO, the output of the Phase Expander is always a sine wave. This gives you the useful possibility of having three rhythmically related phases of an LFO synced to a clock signal.

Other than rhythmic modulations, the most common use of a multiphase sine LFO is in creating panning and crossfade controls that sound correct using only one or more VCAs. This is useful in panning sounds back and forth, rotating a sound in quadraphonic space, creating Shepard tones, etc.

Even when you don't have a specific need for exact phase relationships, a multiphase LFO gives you a convenient way to expand your pallette of potential modulators, adding three related but distinct waves.


Size 6HP
Depth 22mm
Power Consumption +12V 21mA
−12V 21mA
Output Swing −5V–+5V peak
Output Impedance 1kΩ
Output Drive 2kΩ (min), 20kΩ+ (ideal)