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Neural Devices

Neural Devices Tempest Analog Chorus/Vibrato

Neural Devices Tempest Analog Chorus/Vibrato

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The Tempest features a full analog pitch shifting circuit designed around a BBD chip

Offers digital control and 4 different RAMP options over Rate, Depth or Blend.

Expression or Ramp are selectable via firmware, and the expression jack can be used for external tap/ramp & engage control.

  • Lag Control

  • 4 different wave shapes

  • Tone control

  • Blend 100% dry CCW, 100% wet CW and rich lush chorus at 50%

  • Rate, Depth and Blend ramping engine

  • Tap tempo w/subdivisions

  • Ramp up, Ramp down, bounce up&down, bounce down/up

  • EXP or CV input jack to control over ramp parameters

  • Soft switch with relay bypass, momentary & latching operation

  • Top mounted jacks

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