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Neural Devices

Neural Devices Gentlemen Dual Channel Analog Gain

Neural Devices Gentlemen Dual Channel Analog Gain

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Dual channel analog overdrive with real tube-like compression featuring 3 clipping options with carefully hand picked germanium diodes, smooth and sensitive to picking strength.

3 different gain levels from clear boost with a touch of dirt to high gain overdrive, full EQ with air control to manipulate the presence of your pickups, a MOSFET boost circuit lets you push your amp into natural breakup.

Order toggle switch to add volume or an extra gain stage.

  • Side A: BB style circuit with bass, air, treble, drive and volume control

  • Ge, Si and LED asymm clipping toggle

  • 3 level gain toggle.

  • Side B: MOSFET boost +20dB with level control

  • A > B or B > A stack order toggle

  • Soft switch relay true bypass latch & momentary for both channels

  • Top mounted jacks

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