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Neural Devices

Neural Devices Chambers Deep Texture Reverb

Neural Devices Chambers Deep Texture Reverb

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Modulated digital reverb with an analog dry signal path, the clock control lets you adjust the core frequency of the DSP, creating a smooth pitch shift in time, allowing you to create from a sharp traditional plate-like reverb to an underworld cavernous ambience.

Dedicated sustain footswitch to create an infinite modulated ambience, trails option to combine momentary activation and be able to add lush movement at any time.

  • Soft footswitch bypass latch & momentary

  • 2 Modulation depths (off @ center position) MOD toggle

  • DSP clock control for deep cavernous textures

  • Trails toggle

  • 2nd delay line with analog feedback

  • Pre-delay

  • Damp control

  • Infinite sustain footswitch

  • Top mounted jacks

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