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Noise Engineering

Noise Engineering Lapsus Os

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Four-channel performance attenuverter/attenuator and offset

Lapsus Os is a 10HP 4-channel attenuator/attenuverter and offset. Designed with performance in mind, each channel can be set to either attenuate or attenuate/invert an incoming signal, adjust offset of an incoming signal, or with nothing patched to its input, generate a 0-5v or ±5v offset. Switches on the back of the module invert the fader behavior, allowing for the module to be mounted in either direction, for further customization and ease of use.  

Size and power:

  • 10 HP
  • +12v: 60ma
  • -12v: 50ma
  • +5v: 0ma

Lapsus: from Latin lapsus for sliding

Os: from latin os for bones

"Dancing Corpse”