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Noise Engineering

Noise Engineering Gamut Repetitor

Noise Engineering Gamut Repetitor

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Quad random, highly controllable, quantized-voltage generator and generative CV sequencer

Gamut Repetitor is a four-channel random quantized voltage generator with looping, range, key, and scale settings. It features a built-in quantizer with 27 scales grouped across a selection of three CV-controllable switches, so it's easy and fun to generate patterns you'll love. The trigger outputs can simply pass through the input trigger or they can generate random triggers for more modular merrymaking.

Patching GR is as simple as sending in a trigger pattern and turning Length up. Then you can use the built-in quantizer, key, and range controls to change the way voltages are generated. Once you hear something you like, turn the Length down to a sequence length you like (up to 32) and loop away!

Size and Power

  • 10HP Eurorack
  • +12v: 55mA
  • -12v: 15mA

Gamut from medieval Latin: "a complete scale of musical notes; the compass or range of a voice or instrument."

Repetitor from Latin repetito with suffix -tor to make the noun: "thing which repeats"

"Thing which repeats all the things"

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