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Erica Synths

Erica Synths Black DJ VCF

Erica Synths Black DJ VCF

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Many DJs are producers and, likewise, many modular musicians are DJs, so we decided to bring both worlds even closer with the Erica Synths Black DJ VCF. One may think that there are VCFs of virtually all possible designs already available, but we saw an opportunity to develop a fully-analogue voltage controlled filter, similar to those found on the DJ decks – the VCF is fully open with the cutoff knob at 12:00. When turned counterclockwise - the lowpass VCF takes effect, when turned clockwise - highpass filtering is applied. Add the resonance on top and control the DJ VCF with external CV and you get one of the most unconventional timbre modulation effects around.


  • Combined LP and HP VCF

  • Manual and CV controlled cutoff frequency

  • Manually controlled resonance

  • CV attenuverter and attenuator

  • 10HP

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