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Mutable Instruments

Mutable Instruments Blades

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Blades is a dual multimode filter capable of a vast range of tones and timbres. It combines two 12dB/oct filters with overdrive and wavefolding for everything from smooth buttery tones to harsh and aggressive with everything in between.

The two sides of Blades are identical, with a routing control linked to the main output. Instead of selecting a single filter mode, the mode selection is continuous—morphing from low-pass to band-pass to high-pass filtering, both manually and under CV control. Dynamically alter the response of the filter for sweeping changes to the harmonic content. You also, of course, get CV control over cutoff frequency with both attenuverted CV input and unattenuated 1V/oct. Blades tracks CV sequences excellently and, when self-oscillating, performs as a stable oscillator. You can even take the self-oscillating audio output from one filter and patch it into the other for some fantastic FM tones, or to create a pseudo-synth voice. Or alternatively, you can even send a short trigger pulse to the input while the filter is just under self-oscillation to produce a percussive ping, great for kicks and toms.

Link the two filters together using the shift button, which puts the right filter under the left filter's cutoff control with adjustable offset. Add grit and character to the filter using the drive control and response that morphs from soft-clipping to a two-stage wavefolder. The routing control controls signal routing to/from both filters before they pass to the main output. This continuously morphs from single, to parallel, and finally series routing. Blades fills many niches, from a simple low pass filter with a little drive to DJ-style tilt filtering to a complete synth voice. 


  • Dual Multi-mode filter
  • Continously morph from low-pass to band-pass to high-pass filtering
  • Input drive with a circuit that ranges from soft clipping to two-stage wavefolding
  • Linked filtering with offset, great for stereo operation
  • Self-oscillates at high resonance settings, great for sine wave tones
  • Tracks 1V/oct
  • Continous routing from single to parallel to series
  • Individual and blended outputs
  • CV inputs feature attenuverters