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Noise Engineering

Noise Engineering Jam Jam

Noise Engineering Jam Jam

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Jam Jam is a four-channel trigger and gate processor with three modes: Random, Clock Phase, and Gate Delay. JJ is so versatile, you’ll find use for it in every patch.

Add a bit of variety to your patch with Random mode: use four channels of individually adjustable probability to process gate or trigger patterns.

Use Clock Phase mode to add some organic feel to your sequences—or break them in and out of sync completely.

Gate Delay mode is a powerful timing tool useful for anything from precise adjustments for latency compensation to big changes for creative patching: delay events from sub-millisecond adjustments to huge delays of over 15 seconds.

Jam Jam is a musical and fun utility you won’t want to be without. And with voltage control over each channel in all modes, Jam Jam is a completely new way to work with binary signals in your patches.


Size and power:
  • 6HP
  • +12v: 40mA
  • -12v: 10mA


Jam – from English: “to improvise on a musical instrument with a group; to take part in a jam session”

Jam – from English: “a difficult situation or state of affairs” 


Jam – from British English: “a fruit spread; very delicious on toast with tea”

“A difficult jam session (we’ve all been there) but there are great snacks”

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