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Neural Devices

Neural Devices Marrow Stereo Multi Algorithm Delay

Neural Devices Marrow Stereo Multi Algorithm Delay

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Full featured stereo digital delay with an analog dry signal path, carefully designed algorithms to cover all the delay needs in any genre, from pristine clear echoes and warm repetitions to trembling modulation.

The secondary footswitch options will let you manipulate the most important features while allowing you to play your instrument. Infinite repeats or insta-wobbles are at the tip of your toes.

  • 6 complex delay algorithms: Digital, Analog, Tremelo Delay, Chorus Delay, Chorus +Tremelo, and Filtered Delay

  • Stereo TRS output (Tip mono)

  • Soft footswitch bypass latch & momentary.

  • Tap tempo/RAMP for infinite sustain or modulation via S R M toggle

  • True Bypass, Buffered or Trails via TB B TR toggle

  • Tempo divisions

  • Damp control

  • Modulation

  • EXT jack (Tap Tempo & RAMP)

  • Top mounted jacks

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